Write a letter to boyfriend apology

Matt, thank you for being so good to me, and for being so patient with me. Where do we go from here? And for this, I'm more angry at myself than you are. I was wicked to have hurt you the way I did, nevertheless, I find it hard to run away from your love so I genuinely ask for your forgiveness, my sweetheart.

Do not just listen to my plead but do well to bring me back. Pls, do not spare a second to say "bygone for bygone, cause I love you, still. If our love must go on we must not be weakened by offences and grudges we must hold on to the anchor of forgiveness.

I'm pleading for your mercy, my love.

apology letter for hurt feelings

Just remember to be honest and to swallow your pride in your apology to your boyfriend. My love for you is still strong.

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Sorry Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him