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You tightened up the copy and hit your estimates right on. Hire That White Paper Guy to produce your next white paper with no delays, and no excuses. These documents are intended for the user after a sale is made.

White papers have evolved into one of the most important and effective marketing tools that businesses can use to inform readers, assign credibility to the white paper issuer, and gain trust between the white paper issuer and reader.

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Check out our guide to incorporating stock photos seamlessly into your design. In this example, you can see that the designers used a bold color to bring attention to the glossary.

This paper traced its history, impact, and benefits for marketers based on numerous interviews. Is your white paper topic focused on establishing a sprint process? This one focused on the cost-benefits of this SaaS product. For example, if you're authoring a white paper on a new product, then describe the market opportunity, the deficiency of the right solution, the reason why your product is the best.

The solution. However, even when the two are similar, the business plan and white paper actually address different aspects of the same coin pun semi-intended.

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For example, if you mention a feature of your product, you can place a clickable CTA button beside it. Pick a neutral background color like white or light grey.

That is because predictions are a cumulation of people's opinions.

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Best B2B White Paper Examples