Where will we be in twenty

predictions for the next 50 years

If he really wanted to guide it he could have stuck around like Linus did with Linux. In response to increasing prices, some of us may well have reduced our consumption of meat, the raising of which is a notoriously inefficient use of grain.

It takes patience to let things develop naturally.

predictions for the next 10 years

How does an uneasy balance of trust play out? Resetting my password on something should not cost the equivalent of two pennies. Cars will drive you.

Where will we be in twenty

Behind the scenes look at how I and other pros interpret the market. The digital divide has often served to heighten the gap between the haves and have-nots. The reasons are simple.

What do you think the future will be like

He has relentlessly improved himself as a businessperson and continues to be focused on learning. To survive Bitcoin and crypto must change. It is easy to imagine that in 25 years this work will have been expanded to save millions more lives by making life-saving vaccines available all over the world. Maybe a decentralized AI assistant or attention filter? Make your ideas better through feedback. I sincerely hope we will not still be interfacing with computers via keyboards, one forlorn letter at a time. It's not necessarily going to pay for those things for much longer so we might start questioning whether we want to live in a Blade Runner world brought to us by Cillit Bang. Any day now.

We should be able to move the coin as fast and as far and as often as we like.

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What Will Machine Learning Look Like In Twenty Years?