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Web Based Water Billing Application Employee Clock Attendance System 9.

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It is expected that upon completion of the evaluation, the project will receive a higher acceptance rate from the evaluators. Online Real Estate System buy and sell property Computerized Electricity Billing and Payment System The objective of the Thesis Coordinator System is to provide a prototype for executing and coordinating thesis activities of CT department from enlisting students to their specific thesis courses, towards assigning them a hassle-free defense schedule that would benefit both advisers and panels.

Resources and Help Design and implementation of a web-based thesis coordinator system TCS Abstract: Managing and coordinating thesis processes could be a tedious task.

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Students, advisers and panels must be coordinated properly for documents and requirements submissions, defense scheduling up to different related activities concerning the needs of identified entities in the thesis process.

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This research aims to provide an effective thesis management system for academic department and will be implemented in Computer Technology as pilot department. Web Based Transcript Processing System Web Based Class Scheduling System Online Library Management System Online Real Estate System buy and sell property Web Based Classroom Management System 4. Car Wash Booking Application Online Records Management System 6. The prototype includes a search engine and archiving process that enable the students to find a suitable title for their thesis topics. Patient Medical Record Keeping System Employee Clock Attendance System 9.
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Web Based and Online Application for Capstone and Thesis Project