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The non-scheduled languages are 99 in against in Members belonging to the northern parts of India insisted that the Constitution be drafted in Hindi with the unofficial translation in English.

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They are all Dravidian languages and, therefore, share structural aspects. However, the proposed Indo-Pacific relationship has not been established through the comparative method, and has been dismissed as speculation by most comparative linguists. On the other hand, words, such as scissors, might be singularized. It was required because the mother tongue of each member of a household need not necessarily be the same -- these may be different for different members in the household. Finally, Hindi was chosen as the language with the highest number of speakers and in , the Constitution of India specified that the official language would be Hindi in Devanagari script and that English would be phased out by A quick overview including a little geography lesson about the regions where you can find the most commonly spoken languages of India. Federal level[ edit ] Prior to Independence, in British India , English was the sole language used for administrative purposes as well as for higher education purposes. Still further changes were made in nineteenth and twentieth centuries to make use of printing and typewriting needs before we have the present script.

The government has declared Tamil a classical language despite the objections of experts it consulted and after a committee it had appointed refused to recommend it…. Exact figures for each language are in constant dispute; here are ten of those that you will likely hear most often on your Indian travels.

In the censusmillion , people in India reported Hindi to be their native language.

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Most scholars consider these Indic scripts a distant offshoot of the Aramaic alphabet, although there are differing opinions. A typical example of how Hindi influences Indian English is the way of using the personal pronoun you in plural. Language Families The languages of India may be grouped by major language families.

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This transliteration scheme is also known as Library of Congress and is nearly identical to one of the possible ISO variants. Main articles: English language and Indian English British colonial legacy has resulted in English being a language for government, business and education. However, standard Hindi, which is based on a colloquial dialect around Delhi, is taught at all schools in India. Romanization The National Library at Kolkata romanization is the most widely used transliteration scheme in dictionaries and grammars of Indic languages. However, This led to widespread agitation, riots, self-immolations and suicides in Tamil Nadu. The Austroasiatic languages are thought to have been spoken throughout the Indian subcontinent by hunter-gatherers who were later assimilated first by the agriculturalist Dravidian settlers and later by the Indo-Europeans from Central Asia.

The number of scheduled languages was 22 at the time of presentation of the

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Languages in India