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Many of his disturbed endeavors lead to his creation of many marvelous novels including his exquisite novel The Great Gatsby. The idea of a dead God is rampant in our society. Its inhabitants are the casualties of the rich who are dumped on by the rest of the world in the same way ashes are dumped on them.

The valley of ashes represents social and moral decay, and it also represents the predicament of poor because the poor live in the filthy ashes and lose The Great Gatsby By F.

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Fitzgerald uses symbols such as the billboard, the green light, and the valley of ashes to convey themes and propel the plot forward. Author: Wallace Hartsell.

The valley of ashes setting

Fitzgerald uses a lot of colour symbolism, but in the valley of ashes the predominant one is grey. The idea of a dead God is rampant in our society. You can read the vividly depicted scenes of the valley of ashes and make connections to similar experiences in your own life. Authors Often use symbolism to show different emotions and feelings that are being tossed around in a characters head. The Great Gatsby by F. Dreary backdrop is a contrast to East and West Egg. As far as the valley is concerned, it can be explained as the main symbol of decline of people. Dust is associated with the smallest particles of matter of no value.

This is a farm of ashes and slag, the harbor of all the poor in New York in the s. Envy, sinful, lies, heartless, and unreachable, that 's truth behind the "fog and the green light" of the dream. Scott Fitzgerald is the master of symbolism. Eckleberg, and lastly The Valley of Ashes. Valley of Ashes, and Fitzgerald uses these symbols to describe the corruption of America during the time period.

The novel shows us the way people will fall into the hands of money, greed, and power. The Valley of Ashes is a dreary place symbolizing the moral descent of society.

The valley of ashes symbolism

If we can relate so much to a novel that was written so long ago, then how far has our society really come? Throughout the Great Gatsby, the eyes of Dr Eckleburg are blue and gigantic- their retinas are one yard high. She is like a trophy, a prize that he would like to win to complete his whole materialistic dream. The novel, For example, Lord the Flies, William Golding memorably uses a conch shell to represent order and the destruction of order. Because of the continuing growth of capitalism in the United States, there became a gigantic difference between the life of those that were rich and those that were poor. Which is more important - money or love? The contrasts between East and West, East Egg and West Egg, and the two Eggs and New York serve important thematic roles and provide the backdrops for the main conflict. The Great Gatsby is a great representation of the corruption of society and the fall of the American Dream. It primarily provides significant contrast to East and West Egg. Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Essay words - 3 pages hopes for becoming a highly respected, well known person. But her getting hit by the fancy car was the death of her American Dream. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolism to produce immense emotion. Eckleburg, and the Valley of Ashes.
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Symbolism in The Valley of Ashes Essay