The uses and abuses of satellite channels

Therefore, our satellite television programmes are also received by the viewers in foreign countries.

Only abuses of television

Thus we are inspired to lead our country towards betterment. But many think that TV makes bad effect on our young generation. Again, satellite channels give us ample opportunity of enriching our knowledge. For sitting too long before the TV set, the eyesight of the viewers is affected. Television wonderfully and very effectively is satisfying people's interests and demand for entertainment and information. We should not pick up the bad things. Nowadays the connection of satellite TV has been given commercially. But at the same time, satellite channels telecast, vulgar and violent programmes that have the negative impact on the soft mind of the young generation. Satellite channels broadcast the programmes related to the culture of the different countries. It has given us relief from the monotony of only Bangladesh TV we had to njoy. There are a lot of satellite TV channels in the world.

Again, the violent movies may take them to the path of violence. Satellite TV. For instance, it helps us understand the culture and people of other countries.

bad effects of satellite channels

In providing entertainment the role of dish antenna knows no bound. The gifts of science are uncountable. Satellite television has other effects too.

Satellite cable tv

Channels are the means of modern communication. Let we find out the uses and abuses of satellite television in the following paragraphs. Promotes human understanding: Satellite TV carries the feelings and problems of different nations to us and creates a new feeling of togetherness. CNN and discovery programmers etc. Satellite TV channels of other countries helps us to learn and develop the latest technologies and systems of making films, dramas etc. It telecasts some programmes which are highly educative. But satellite TV is not all boons. So the government should permit only and moral values. Thus these channels help us a lot in providing current affairs of the world. Programs of varied taste and interest are shown in the satellite channels. Now we get the opportunity to see the programmes of almost every channel of the world. Our store of information and knowledge is enriched through it. Of these b.

It is threatening the age- old values, enriched culture and tradition of our country.

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Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels Essay Example