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Form follows function has become spiritually insignificant: a stock phrase. He was an American educator, writer, and an architect who was responsible for designing more than various structures.

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In the realm of organic architecture human imagination must render the harsh language of structure into becoming humane expressions of form instead of devising inanimate facades or rattling the bones of construction.

His father gave him the love for music, but it was his mother who encouraged him to become an architect. The students will first be taught about Frank Lloyd Wright and will be shown examples of his stained glass artwork.

All knew more of the secrets of glass than we do — we who may revel in it unrestrained by economic considerations of any kind, and who understand it not at all, except as a mirror.

Unity Temple was a replacement church for Unitarian Universalist Church that had burned down in They were later claimed, perhaps somewhat mythically by Wright himself, to be the motivating force behind his best architectural form-making.

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Architectural structures serve specific purposes. My purpose of this paper is to interrogate each of these buildings, glorious for different reasons, to show how each architect was expressing their own style.

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Wright had an obsession to design suitable dwelling spaces for ideal families; his eagerness came from after his parents spit up. Wright is known and respected throughout the world for his innovative and modern designs. As a mirror, the vanity and elegance of the French brought glass into architectural use. In certain cases. And it is the life of this setting along that would determine the life of the building. The second aspect, on the organisation of its space, Wright successfully developed and entirely plastic space or a space that has multidirectional movement. No teamwork can conceive it. Blake described the house as: gure 2 Anyone looking at the Winslow house today would be struck by the quiet distinction and good taste of its facades, and by the excellence of the workmanship. Poetry of form is as necessary to great architecture as foliage is to the tree, blossoms to the plant or flesh to the body. Unity temple was built at Oak Park, Illinois in the year Another project by Wright that is interesting to be examined is the Unity Temple. The machine has given to architects, in glass, a new material with which to work. It has been a utilitarian affair except when used for candelabra, chandeliers or knobs — excepting only the mirror. Frank Lloyd Wright is a man who created many architectural pieces in his life that were displayed in several exhibitions.

Not only did Wright possess genius skills in the spatial cognition, his approach to architecture through geometric manipulation demonstrates one aspect of his creativeness. Pfeifferexplained that, for Wright, the International Style that emerged from the foundation laid by Wrights architecture lacked depth, which is the dimension manifested from the integration of the plan and elevation of a building.

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