The effects of different personality traits on the performance of students

Impact of big five personality traits on academic performance of university students

However, if multiple performance dimensions such as those distinguishing task performance from contextual 17 performance, or perhaps those consistent with other typologies such as that presented by Campbell , will be delineated, then perhaps narrower facets of performance with strong theoretical links to those criteria can be identified and used individually or in combination to enhance their criterion-related validity. For example, members of a work team need to be very friendly and agreeable and so managers can make work teams comprised of employees that have these characteristics. It consists of nine Strategic Business Units and several other affiliations. I am open to new situations and am always looking for new information and learning opportunities. We first review how personality traits are conceptualized in the contemporary psychology literature, along with the practical outcomes they are associated with. My job perfectly measures my efficiency. We also note that the formation of optimal composites may involve grouping facets from across the five broad dimensions. In terms of theory rather than practice, however, we do interpret our findings as indicating a pattern of theoretically meaningful relations between the broad personality dimensions and job performance that should be explored in future research, perhaps using facet scales of the Big Five dimensions. Salgado, J. If such characteristics can be reliably identified and they are both reasonably stable and present prior to entry into the hiring process, they could be viable for consideration during that hiring process. Such perceptions of personality traits are at odds with the nuanced accounts that dominate contemporary personality psychology. Aronson Eds. Integration of the Big Five and circumflex approaches to trait structure.

Integration of the Big Five and circumflex approaches to trait structure. Sample Composition The behavioral sciences have been criticized for overgeneralizing findings based primarily on participants drawn from Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic WEIRD populations e.

research papers on effect of 5 factors of personality on academic students

However, openness to experience seemed to be a bit apart from job performance, compared to the other personality variables. Early research works have overly emphasized cognitive ability as a major determinant of academic performance Harris, ; Elshout and Veenman, Traits linked to individuals who are open to experience include intellectual curiosity, sensitivity to beauty as well as responsiveness to art.

Research on personality traits

My household increase stress level so the concentration in my work becomes less. In a relative sense, the Conscientiousness dimension does appear to have the strongest relation to overall job performance. A conscientious person has high degree of responsibility, is organized, responsible and persistent. Personnel Psychology, 50, The study found in the above table shows not so significant relationship between extroversion and job performance. These criticisms are highly similar to those leveled at the field of personality in general in the s and s. Jackson, , p. Individuals who are high on the trait conscientiousness are usually disciplined, organized, and achievement oriented whereas those who are high on extraversion are usually sociable, assertive and talkative. Whenever I am asked to start a task, I start the job right away and complete it before the deadline. Part-E: Conscientiousness Statement 1 2 3 4 5 1. As noted previously, the Big Five paradigm has largely been successful in addressing these criticisms, providing a taxonomic framework for developing theoretically informed personality measures, classifying and interpreting the results of preexisting personality studies that studied seemingly disparate traits, and selecting appropriate personality measures for predicting chosen criteria based on proper theoretical alignment. Managers can also use information about employee personalities when making work teams.

But personality differences can cause problems. There is also emerging evidence that personality can be altered through intervention, both clinical Roberts et al.

The effects of different personality traits on the performance of students

The more structured, scientific study of personality traits using a wide variety of techniques e.

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(PDF) Effect of Personality Traits on Performance