The benefits and drawbacks of electric and hybrid cars for the environment

why hybrid cars are bad

Updated August 29, By Francine Mends Hybrid cars have become popular over the last several years as our society becomes more mindful of the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

These are vehicles which operate on both electricity and gasoline. Suitable for City Driving.

environmental benefits of hybrid cars

There is a high chance of you getting electrocuted in such cases which can also make the task difficult for rescuers to get other passengers and driver out of the car. So when you buy a hybrid, make sure that it is a full hybrid, else you will surely be in trouble.

Since hybrid vehicles use an electric motor and a gasoline engine, this cuts down on the amount of gasoline which gets burned during the operation of the vehicle.

Considering the gas engine, it is quite smaller compared to its closest counterpart.

Pros and cons of hybrid cars on the environment

The Ford Focus Electric is made up of recycled materials and the padding is made out of bio based materials. However, because the electrical motor requires little maintenance due to far fewer moving parts, this leads to less wear and tear of the petrol engine components3. This removes waste from the environment. If you are only driving around your city or town then it is okay, but hybrids are not as powerful for regular driving on the highway. Pure electric vehicles Electric cars are powered by electricity from batteries or fuel cells. This is because hybrid vehicles have now engineered as many similar features as other leading brands powered by gas. Electric-only drive: This allows the vehicle to be driven entirely with electricity.

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benefits of electric cars

The result is that these green vehicles have started commanding higher than average resale values. Price: When hybrid vehicles were first introduced, they were substantially more expensive than ICE vehicles, mainly due to battery price.

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12 Central Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars