St atutory interpreataion essay

Theories of statutory interpretation

Any one of these rules can be referred to if Statutory interpretation is necessary in a legal case, where a Statutes meaning and purpose is not entirely clear The court has nothing to do with the question whether the legislature has committed an absurdity. Professor John Willis analysed these principles in his article "Statute Interpretation in a Nutshell" She altered the story line changing the role of characters which later affected their relationships. So in the light of the statute in question the defect in common law could be that there may have not been enough emphasis on the protection of children getting hurt whilst casually playing. This would therefore include Jemima and any other child younger than her who is likely to be negligent as to such circumstances. Today, the rules of baseball are immensely complex. To apply this rule to the Act in hand, Child Safety Act , the purpose or intention of parliament shall need to be enlightened first. Whether the homemade go-kart would construe as a 'toy' is debatable. In English law the judges have not been able to agree on which approach should be used, but instead, over the years they have developed three different rules of interpretation:cocb cbr secbcbw orcb cbk incb focb cb; The literal rule The golden rule The mischief rule Each rule take different approaches and some judges prefer to use one rule while other judges prefer another rule. However, their approach can only do as much as provide a frame from which they can work. When interpreting the law, Judges have certain aids and presumptions to assist them in their task.

He has three main powers: appointment, legislation, and foreign policy. The report published by the Institutes of Casualty Consultants issued that casualties resulted from 'poorly constructed wheeled toys'. Any one of these rules can be referred to if Statutory interpretation is necessary in a legal case, where a Statutes meaning and purpose is not entirely clear In this essay I will attempt to answer whether statutory interpretation gives unelected judges unprecedented power to determine….

mischief rule of statutory interpretation

Albania, Nicaragua vs. Aids available: There are two types of aids available for statutory interpretation, they are Internal aids, which are included within the act, or External aids that are not included within the act The court then applies the interpretation which is consistent with correcting the mischief.

St atutory interpreataion essay

The first rule is shown by Lord Reid's comment in Jones v DPP when he said: "It is a cardinal principle applicable to all kinds of statutes that you may not for any reason attach to a statutory provision a meaning which the words of that provision cannot reasonably bear. On top of that, each word could give us different meaning. Arguments from both counsels are put before the court with respect to these matters. In such cases the court's task is to decide the exact meaning of a particular word or phrase. Throughout the story there are multiple key symbols that portray a substantial meaning However, it can be argued that the defendant "willfully and indecently exposing his person in a street" and that he was caught doing that. Should judges examine each word literally or should it be accepted that an Act of Parliament cannot cover every situation and that the meaning of words cannot always be exact?

The literal approach is where the words are given their plain, ordinary and grammatical meanings.

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Essay about The Rules Of Statutory Interpretation