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This section of your business plan needs to include specific information about how you will sell your training center to prospective customers. They are nervous in large groups or formal education facilities and want a more relaxed learning environment such as our Center.

Listed below are the occupations with the largest number of projected openings in Washington during the time period. We will then create reminder and follow-up letters as well.

As for the detailed cost analysis for starting a standard computer training school; it might differ in other countries due to the value of their money. Use friends and family to spread word about our computer training center Post information about our computer training center and the services we offer on bulletin boards in places like schools, libraries, and local coffee shops et al Place a small or classified advertisement in the newspaper, or local publication about our computer training center and the services we offer Leverage on referral networks such as agencies that will attract students who would need our services.

Our Competitive Advantage Despite the fact that the computer training center business has stiff huddles to scale through does not mean that there are no real competitions in the industry. We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning customers over is to offer our ICT training services a little bit cheaper than what is obtainable in the market and we are well prepared to survive on lower profit margin for a while.

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Responsible for financial forecasting and risks analysis. Another common trend in the computer training industry is that in the bid to survive global economic meltdown and to ensure steady flow of income to effectively run the business, most players in the industry engage in other related services. It isn't sufficient for your business plan to say that you plan to market your new center online. They are the sole financiers of the business which is why they decided to restrict the sourcing of the start up capital for the business to just three major sources. A student will no longer have to go from one seminar to another, or from one instructor's methods to another. We are well positioned to take on the available market in and around Delray Beach — Florida and we are quite optimistic that we will meet our set target of generating enough profits from our first six months of operation and grow our computer training center and our student base. According to Training Industry magazine, several critical steps to starting a training business include acquiring the credentials necessary to prove that your industry knowledge and credibility is sound. For example, some states have specific regulations regarding the presence of a full-time, on-site director; education or work experience for faculty members; and limits on the number of hours that instructors are allowed to teach each day. The description needs to be as specific as possible. After carefully researching the computer training market, it has been discovered that some students are more concerned with how you train than with what you are training, even though the two concepts are equally important. Some of the equipment you would need to start a computer training center include-: Computers Ensure that you buy the latest computers Software.

Some of them even go as far as establishing agency services to provide certified ICT professionals for clients and some also offer specialized home training for executive students et al.

With the growing popularity of the Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification and use of Microsoft Office products, EOC is offering students the "one-stop-shop computer training and certification" approach. These people cannot carry on for long in the modern society because-: Why Starting a Computer Training Center is a Lucrative Venture a.

The students also want improved teaching methods outside the traditional lecture learning style.

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