Silence do good essays for scholarships

The startling thing about the Silence Dogood essays in addition to the fact that they were written by a sixteen-year-oldis that Franklin adopts the persona of a woman, a persona that enables him adopt, but also gently mock, the kinds of sentiments expressed by authority figures like Mather.

Silence Dogood, No.

Silence do good essays for scholarships

And an honest Country Clergyman told me last Summer, upon the Road, that Sir John was an excellent publick-spirited Person, for that he had beautified his Chancel. Here is a large Field that wants Cultivation, and which I believe you are able if willing to improve with Advantage; and when you have once reformed the Women, you will find it a much easier Task to reform the Men, because Women are the prime Causes of a great many Male Enormities. James Franklin and his friends knew that "Silence Dogood" was a pen name and not a "real" woman. He has made himself a King in Soliloquy; fancies himself conquering the World; and the Inhabitants thereof consulting on proper Methods to acknowledge his Merit. As I would not engross too much of your Paper at once, I will defer the Remainder of my Story until my next Letter; in the mean time desiring your Readers to exercise their Patience, and bear with my Humours now and then, because I shall trouble them but seldom. He that would in this Way of Writing please all, is under a Necessity to make his Themes almost as numerous as his Letters. They concluded that the writer using the pseudonym was a clever and well-read man of town; they had no idea that the real author was James's younger brother. History[ edit ] As a teenager, Franklin worked as an apprentice in his older brother's printing shop in Boston , where The New-England Courant was published and printed. George F. Spectator invented by Addison and Steele. In this essay, Franklin starts off with a statement that almost sounds like a disclaimer, saying that what he is writing is for pure entertainment and he will begin by explaining the early life of Silence Dogood.

A fictional autobiography: Silence Dogood No. He has made himself a King in Soliloquy; fancies himself conquering the World; and the Inhabitants thereof consulting on proper Methods to acknowledge his Merit. The god did some more custom, first on the back of the other academic and then up the arm, then she treated again.

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Before I had liv'd quite two Years with this Reverend Gentleman, my indulgent Mother departed this Life, leaving me as it were by my self, having no Relation on Earth within my Knowledge. Upon the whole, I conclude, that it will be impossible to lash any Vice, of which the Men are not equally guilty with the Women, and consequently deserve an equal if not a greater Share in the Censure.

Whether it was Love, or Gratitude, or Pride, or all Three that made me consent, I know not; but it is certain, he found it no hard Matter, by the Help of his Rhetorick, to conquer my Heart, and perswade me to marry him.

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He must one while be merry and diverting, then more solid and serious; one while sharp and satyrical, then to mollify that be sober and religious; at one Time let the Subject be Politicks, then let the next Theme be Love: Thus will every one, one Time or other find some thing agreeable to his own Fancy, and in his Turn be delighted.

Dogood has lately left her Seat in the Country, and come to Boston, where she intends to tarry for the Summer Season, in order to compleat her Observations of the present reigning Vices of the Town. My Reverend Master who had hitherto remained a Batchelor, after much Meditation on the Eighteenth verse of the Second Chapter of Genesis, took up a Resolution to marry; and having made several unsuccessful fruitless Attempts on the more topping Sort of our Sex, and being tir'd with making troublesome Journeys and Visits to no Purpose, he began unexpectedly to cast a loving Eye upon Me, whom he had brought up cleverly to his Hand.

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They dreaded to be calledTraytors, because they were Traytors. I am very sensible that it is impossible for me, or indeed any one Writer to please all Readers at once. He has made himself a Day in Soliloquy; cautions himself conquering the Offending; and the Clients thereof consulting on rainy Methods to acknowledge his Merit.

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Silence Dogood