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What did this teacher expect students to glean from the text? She returns the book to the easel. Perched on the easel is a Big Book.

shared reading vs guided reading

Avery is sitting in a rocking chair with a giant easel to her right. Storybook reading has been found effective for social language, such as establishing and maintaining joint attention and promoting conversational turn taking Bruner, They provide a structure for teaching concepts while keeping the student engaged and interested.

In either case, students have the opportunity to: Actively participate in reading Learn to predict how a story will progress Understand that illustrations can help construct meaning Increase and develop new vocabulary Discover and implement reading strategies Recognize letters and sounds in the context of the words of the story Understand concepts of the printed word Use structural and visual cues to aid them in the reading process Sequence story events The list goes on to include skills they learn during rereading, such as information recall, increased sight word development, and phonics.

Shared reading vs read aloud

Some of them chatted. As with all components of balanced literacy instruction, shared reading provides rich opportunities for students to discover the pleasures of reading. Our primary job as teachers is to maximize student learning. No stopping the first time through. Great Bedtime Stories. Some of them read. Avery will point to the words as she reads them again. Now she implements other shared reading strategies into the lesson. We have created a searchable index for all the books we love for speech therapy Great Bedtime Stories for Parents to Read with their Children Rather than reinvent the wheel, Tuck. During the second reading, Ms.

Moreover, on the following days the teacher re- reads the book in different ways to encourage them to participate in reading. Among 13 pairs of students, I observed 13 different approaches to shared reading.

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Shared Reading Needs to Have a Clear Purpose