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Segway PT: A Segway is a two wheeled, electric-powered human transportation machine. We therefore conclude that the negative consumer perception has a negative influence on the successful commercialization of the Segway.

For example: Suggesting that golf courses replace their older gas and electric power carts with the Segway GT. For more information visit www.

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They need an eco-system to support them. So what went wrong? It's easy to see Kamen's avoidable mistakes in hindsight. Example: If they license the Segway to Honda, the product would be available anywhere Honda has an existing dealership and any future dealerships that Honda establishes. Although Kamen was a very intelligent man and a great engineer, he did not study to be a manager of any kind. It would be prudent for Segway to analyze a variety of jobs in which their product could be employed with the intent of increasing the efficiency of particular tasks. Therefore we can state that the organizational form itself was not a bad choice for Segway, however, the company failed to communicate appropriately and was not able to maintain the important relationships, which backfired on the process development of the product. What lessons about the success or failure of innovations can we learn? The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: Section 1 discusses Why the policy was enacted, section 2 discusses the economic environment previous to the PCIPP, section 3 Evidence supporting a. Moreover, they did not negotiate with, for instance, other green companies in the area of transportation to get a better reputation since they figured the reputation would be build automatically after the product launch. This would diminish the amount of control that Kamen has over the direction of the organization and allow for a diversified range of perspectives. It is a self-balancing machine which uses gyroscopes and accelerometer. Following the theories of Morris et al. Kirsner, People did not want the Segway as much as expected, due to a difference in needs and opinions.

This market could also be reached through the internet via newsgroups, forums, and the like for the tech-savvy consumer.

This classification typology of the user groups is important, as it impacts the way and in which form Segway ultimately chose to operate.

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He tried making the machines easier to buy and he tried to explain to customers how a Segway could fit into their lives Economist, Plus,it's probably fair to say Kamen was quite eager to make his big reveal to the world.

Others companies, the Insurance Information Institute said, may choose to offer a general policy that covers small motorized vehicles that would be separate, like an auto policy. This created problems and challenges for the company.

The Segway was described as the future of transport. Cost could not only be measured by time savings, but also by the savings of wear and tear on human capital.

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Segway: Case Study