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This is applicable on levels to volts for safety use on our households Electricity enters a house from a meter that is measuring the amount of electricity the house is using through electricity control panels that controls the distribution of electricity to walls, lights and etc.

Mechanical Energy is converted to Electrical Energy from turbine generators through moving steam, water or gas across the blades of the turbine. Mechanisms which include springs by A.

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Now as vehicle passes over it; the roller rotates the shaft of the DC motor and as a result produces electricity. Cost Cheap Moderate Costly 2. It will only last hours or a day before it needs charging How long does battery of smart phone last? Due to poverty, having work is not enough inflation.

Some generators still operate years later.

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Nuclear energy is used in applications such as power plants and military vehicles. He also by accident created the first alternator. The rotor contains a magnet that, when turned, produces a rotating magnetic field. In this, when the vehicle passes over the curved shape metal sheet i. This is reflected by abundant literature of the subject. In the photo below you will see clearly one coil on the armature the rest were removed for servicing and other coils built into the stator. Some applications of this technology include automobiles, computers, household appliances, etc.

One solution to this problem is to have an environmental friendly Thermoelectric Generator that will benefit the vast areas with poor power out range.

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