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Each contributing polyglot has written their own personal story, focusing on what motivates them, what techniques and methodologies they use, what challenges they had to overcome, what has been successful for them and what has not worked.

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Claude got in touch with me just as the project was coming to a close and I was happy to contribute my own chapter to the book. Send me a written piece, in English, by July 31, Get these below:.

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Maybe that is the greatest role of a teacher, like my Prof. I always laugh when I look at textbooks that tell you that in this chapter you will learn the subjunctive. You mostly need to learn the language on your own, through a lot of listening and reading. Send me a written piece, in English, by July 31, Inspiration From The Polyglot Project Every once in a while I like to see what other language learners in the world are doing. My initiative was recognized by senior management and I was soon on my way to Hong Kong to learn Mandarin, full time, at the Canadian tax-payers expense. Remember, also, that I am

Maurice Rabotin, turned me on to learning French, by stimulating an interest in the world of French culture, something a series of anglophone French teachers had been totally unsuccessful at doing during elementary and high school in Montreal.

Therefore, you have to put in the time, regularly.

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Today in places as different as Sweden, Singapore and Ethiopia, it is just considered normal to speak more than one language. There are also a lot of general alternatives to the traditional academic approach and lots of encouragement and positive attitude.

There is no need to despair over what you forget, do not understand, or are unable to say. Being a linguist is not a big deal, or at least should not be.

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The polyglot project: my submission