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Formal money lending institutions are institutions that have a more complex loan system. There are existing lending institutions and these are formal lending institutions banks, etc and the informal lending institutions , private money lender, etc. Attached next to the interview questions are the answers of the three participants which has a connection with informal lenders. Since these informal institutions in the area of this research are not willing to be interviewed because of privacy and security reasons, information is secondary data and was obtained through the borrowers themselves. The same concepts, words, symbols, situations or actions refer to the same thing has the highest result for this factor, BPI has the highest number of respondents that agreed at the said usability problem. BDO has the highest rate for this factor and Landbank has the lowest. The system is user friendly has the highest result for this factor; BPI has the highest number of respondents that agreed, then followed by Landbank at the said usability problem. Greene, C.

Gomez, C. Most of the money lenders from the informal sector do not identify themselves to the public thus they did not allow any interview to take place.

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Fajardo, F. To obtain ample amount of information, secondary data was used and was acquired through some of the borrowers themselves Review of Related Literature Money lending has become prominent in the Philippines.

And with relatives, interests rarely exists The second part of this discussion will be revolving around the perspective of the money lenders.

According to the findings in this research, in the sector wherein the population was considered, it appeared that most small scale business owners resort to informal money lenders at is was proved that they have a less complex loan system which is more convenient for the borrower.

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Users of China bank were neither satisfied nor unsatisfied. Lender Liability and Banking Litigation. In this case, although informal financial institutions have proven to be relatively successful in meeting the financial needs of small scale enterprises, their limited resources restrict the extent to which they can sustainably satisfy the financial needs of these entrepreneurs.

Kailangan may ATM yun yung ibibigay muna in exchange sa money. For this type of Ka-Negosyo loan, collateral is not required. There are two items comprising the customer satisfaction: the interface of the system was pleasant and the user is satisfied with the use of this system.

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