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Think it over for a while and then move your chess piece.

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He needs your help to escape! Then, the students log in and select, or type in the correct answer. This includes solving social justice problems, discovering and using new technologies, and interacting with important historical figures. You have attempts to turn the Flood It board into a single color. Unleash the power of your problem-solving mind as you deal with increasingly-difficult levels, tricky target ball placement, and wacky obstacles. Skills required: This stimulating gravity-based puzzler requires sharp analytical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, fast reactions, observation skills, and dogged determination. If you are correct, your score will improve. There is also a check option which will tell the player if their answers are correct. There are rows and 18 columns for a total of 90, game pieces. The catch is that you only have 90 seconds to spot those differences in your first attempt! You use the arrow keys to change the direction of the marble and the length that you hold down the arrow keys then affect the length of movement of the marble.

The goal of the game is to guess which color and order of four pegs selected by your opponent. Reasons to play this cool, construction-based puzzler: With 3 difficulty levels, this game is suitable for elementary school age kids, middle school and high school students as well as visual-puzzle-loving adults.

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The quiz begins in the middle of a chess match. It is a good critical thinking activity when you play it more than once as it can test your short term memory.

Critical thinking games for college students

You can keep trying until you get it right. Pipe Mania - Pipe Mania is like Tetris for the thinking man. Tales of Pylea: Crux A cool and challenging spot-the-differences puzzle game for eagle-eyed sleuths! Labyrinth The traditional board game version of labyrinth involves tilting the puzzle board to move the marble through the puzzle without having the marble fall into the hole traps located throughout the puzzle. Accurate mouse clicking is also important! Of course, keen eyesight is required to scrutinize every inch of each image. Reasons to play this straight-forward, online puzzle game: Exercise your analytical thinking, strategy and decision making skills as you work to figure out the best way to bamboozle your opponent and get the coveted 3-in-a-row of your chosen symbol. Due to the different level types and fluctuating time limits, you need to adapt your strategy each time you take on the grid. The object of this game is to figure out what the correct move would be. Cat Around The World: Alpine Lakes is a multi-level brain teaser where you must remove obstacles and alter the play area in order to roll a piece of salami toward a motionless cat! Patient observation and planning combined with determination and persistence are very important attributes required here; there is a solution to each construction puzzle, you just have to stay in the game to figure it out using well thought out step-by-step procedures! If you get the quiz wrong on your first try, don't worry. This includes telling truth from fiction, observing, making judgment calls, and understanding context. Wooden Path 2 Wooden Path 2 is a tricky, interactive, isometric visual-style construction puzzle and bridge building game with 3 difficulty levels where you must carefully and strategically slide wooden bridge pieces around the game grid so that they form a crossable bridge across a river.

Each time you take your turn, it is indicated if you have a correct color, represented by a small white pin, or a correct color and location of a peg, represented by a small red pin. You must be patient, determined, and ready to engage in trial and error and learn from your mistakes!

When students gain the confidence to challenge other students with their puzzles, they might just gain important leadership skills. Young and older players alike, and experienced strategy puzzle aficionados should enjoy the challenging action here.

Critical thinking games for middle school

Reasons to play this addicting, shooting skill challenge: This funny game requires much more analytical thinking and strategy than the average shooting game, and presents a physics-based problem solving challenge as you have to figure out the optimum angle and trajectory to smash each bottle. Best strategy to win: As with any construction-based activity in real life, you must be careful and deliberate in your actions. You can keep trying until you get it right. The online version is very similar. Strategy to win: It is impossible for either character to complete the level on his or her own, meaning that a combination of both character's unique abilities is the only path to progress. Patience and perseverance also play a part, as there are plenty of "Tie games" in Tic-Tac-Toe, and you often need to wait for your PC opponent to make a mistake in order to pounce for victory. Your job is to carefully utilize these dummies in order to ensure your wizard makes it safely through each level!
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