Meselson and stahl

The result was consistent with the semiconservative replication hypothesis.

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This would synthesize the DNA in short pieces alternating from one strand to the other. After one replication, the DNA was found to have intermediate density. The power of simplicity in an experiment is that it reduces the chance of alternative explanations for the results.

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After that, E. According to this model, histone proteins bind to the DNA, revolving the strand and exposing the nucleotide bases which normally line the interior for hydrogen bonding.

However, with the passage of time, these so-called "classic experiments" seem more dramatic, ingenious, and clear than they were in their contemporary timing as the memories of complications, contradictions, and controversy fade.

DNA from cells after two replications had been completed was found to consist of equal amounts of DNA with two different densities, one corresponding to the intermediate density of DNA of cells grown for only one division in 14N medium, the other corresponding to DNA from cells grown exclusively in 14N medium.

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Meselson and Stahl