Lord of the flies and animal farm comparison

Are these essay examples edited? In contrast, themes of goodness are harder to find, yet evident in the characterization of Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm.

Orwell would be happy to appeal to children at one level but the novel of course is a satire on Soviet Communism so Snowball represents Trotsky Orwell admired him and was in a Trotskyist militia during the Spanish Civil War ; the windmill is the Russian drive to industrialise at all costs; the persecution of the hens is the persecution of the peasants during collectivisation; the attempt by Jones to regain his farm is the civil war; Frederick's invasion is the Second World War; the raven was the unreformed, tame church of Russian Orthodoxy; the 'orphaned' dogs represent the NKVD.

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animal farm themes

Both of their skills and attitudes are alike and this is clear when reading the books in which they appear. For example, he appears Christ-like as he helps the more vulnerable children of the tribe that the older boys call the Littluns. Besides that, we were having to buy natural quinine from the Dutch in Java, and they charged an outrageous price for it.

Lord of the flies and animal farm comparison

In particular, Old Major creates a spirit of kindness and enthusiasm at the farm during his famous speech. The other boys are to play supporting roles in the day-to-day operations that will be required to keep them alive.

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A Literary Comparison of Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm