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Feels strong physical and emotional connection through the relationship Begins with a partner who is a stranger and evokes immediate excitement May be exclusive but not possessive Seeks early sexual adventure, variety and technique Is ready for love and its risks [3] Ludus[ edit ] Ludus, means "game" in Latin. Basically, that is why they are known as the mixture of Ludus and Storge. Sex is considered the ultimate sensual experience and is a much desired aspect of the relationship. Numerous researchers established correlations between love styles and long-term happiness, finding that Eros and Storge love styles between similar partners correlated with happiness, and Ludus correlated with unhappiness. Love is a means of rescue, or a reinforcement of value. The friendship in some cases can endure beyond the breakup of the relationship. Agape a-GOP-aye is all-giving love, not concerned with the self, only with the partner, or with people needing compassion. The Pragmatic lovers are often less demonstrative of their emotions.

Don Mills, Ontario: New Press. In brief, people with Ludus love style generally prefer one night stands, friends with benefits and short term dating experiences.

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It was used in most of the later research on Lee's love types. Kelley's Pragmatic love would seem to equal Pragma. A Storgic or Pragmatic Lover can also have very high sex drives which boosts the passion in their relationships - even if their method of choosing and sustaining relationships differs from the Erotic and Manic Lovers.

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While they may be as sexually charged as the more passionate love styles, it is of lesser importance and these individuals may cope quite well with reduced passion and sex drive so long as the intimacy and friendship stays strong.

Lee, John Alan. Initially that seemed to be confirmed, as Hendrick, Slapion-Foote, and Foote reported that men were more likely to show the ludic type of love, while women were more likely to be storgic or pragmatic. Just like the Eros group, the Storge ones believe in long term relationship and marriage, yet one problem they go through is not being able to share intense romantic connection with their partners.

Lees love styles

The dwelling is to be sanctuary for its members and all members of a family are to pull through together in difficult times.

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On Writing: Voyeuristic Explorers Unite!: John Lee's Love Styles