Learning from people with different views

Different perspectives examples

God made us all different. We seek out and interpret information in a way that will likely confirm our perspective. That is one of the only similarities we can come up with, from an economic standpoint. We believe in integrity, fairness, meritocracy, racial and religious harmony, accountability and rule of law. Now that you can consciously listen to the perspective of others, can you see it simply as a perspective? What could be different in your personal leadership if you could better take, seek and coordinate perspectives? How does considering these different viewpoints contribute to your understanding of the situation and help you in your decision making? I had a friend who owned one in the neighborhood and we would take turns riding it up and down the street. We can also be mindful that when our perspective is dominated by a value or principle, we may end up arguing or behaving in a way that is not as valued-based or principled as we should be. But empathy must be accompanied by some level of detachment to maintain objectivity in evaluating issues and perspectives. I think God made us very differently so that we could have experiences exponentially greater than anything that we could hold inside of ourselves.

Studies have shown true empathy does not come about by just imagining what the person is going through, no matter how hard we try. This is the beauty of team.

importance of learning from others

It is easy to enjoy relating to all kinds of people, however, the way in which we relate to someone has a lot to with how we perceive them to be as people.

Of course, we may still hold on to our perspective for good reasons. Proud Mom. For example, since I teach at a university, most of my colleagues have Ph.

benefits of learning from others

The first thing you can do is observe what you can learn from the perspectives you received. Whenever we are in the presence of another it is natural to think about what they may be thinking if we are not self-centered. As Americans, we are socialized to believe we are the "greatest country on earth.

Learning from people with different views

This makes communication complicated, but it keeps you open and growing in the process of being able to put yourself aside and be respectful of the other.

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9 Things I Learned From Knowing People Who Are Different Than Me