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Although these are quite similar they also different in the sense that immigration is more narrow while migration is broader.

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I began the interview by asking Marianna to describe the experiences and events that led her to finally gaining a U.

She wishes to study English more. One tradition is sitting as a family all together and having a feast at midnight on Christmas Eve. Consequently, I asked Marianna how important it was for her to gain a U.

She feels like people who are citizens get more opportunities, especially in school. My aunt attended a lot of church dances instead of going to the risque communal dances that made her feel uncomfortable. She still loves to learn and if she could go back to school, she would.

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He explained that educators really put an effort to make the educational system very competitive and have very high standards. As a woman, I can relate to my aunt when she talked about how men sometimes get paid more just because they are men. Interview Questions 1. I never went hungry, but it did not come easy. By then I had gain better English, which the judge appreciated. According to him, his family moved to the US for economic reasons. Andrew cleared up that not all experiences he had in US is bad. V, and being able to interact with people at stores and other places. Get Essay What kind of future do you see for yourself and your family? I personally like that Brazilians are so warm in their greeting when they meet. Since she has been living in the United States for many years now, she has become more accustomed to the U. I think the future will be good for my brother and me. They would talk and listen to music and dance. Essay Topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Sometimes it is not easy to get help and when my English was very bad the people in the stores did not have the patience to help me. The barriers that prevented Marianna from fully integrating herself into NYC were a lack of English skills, initial networks, and citizenship.

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Immigrant interview Essay Example