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Although a "puppet nawab" was left in control of the area, Clive was granted the right to extract land revenue from most of eastern India.

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Colonialism refers to a process of control and domination where one country dominates the other. While both regions were greatly influenced by the British, in India the country was placed under the direct rule of the Queen.

You have given us no responsibility in our own government," says Mohandas Gandhi in regards to the British rule.

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India was no exception. Both events of imperialism greatly changed the formation of these two countries into the countries they are today.

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Merely coming to India in the s to trade, the British East India Company established trading outposts. There were many reasons why Imperialism occurred. The second period of English imperialism started in August of when the British monarchy assumed direct control of India from the East India Company. They were influenced by British thought, British ideas, that is why our leaders were always telling the British "How can you do these things? Western culture can be seen in all parts of the world; from Asia to Africa, to the Indies and the Americans. Although the mutiny was put down quickly, it shook British confidence in their power, and resulted in tighter control of their hold on India. Over time, the area controlled by East India Company grew. One country that had imperialism was India Forster is a novel which deals largely with the political, economic and social takeover of India by the British Crown. Imperialism has had both a positive and negative effects on the countries involved. He also says that the British treat the Indians insultingly and without empathy Doc 6,7,8. Finally the last decade of British rule from , brought another phase — the production of capital goods for the domestic market. Imperialism Essay - Safeguards Against Imperialism After a country attains independence, it begins the long road to stability. He accomplished this in January of We had no hatred, in fact it was the other way round - it was their values that made us revolt.

When British colonizers first arrived in India, they slowly gained more and more control in India through many ways, the most prominent being trade and commerce. Part of the newfound desire for freedom experienced by many Indians was the desire for native religion and customs to be respected.

positive and negative effects of british imperialism in india essay

Merely coming to India in the s to trade, the British East India Company established trading outposts. Thus, India was thoroughly divided.

Up toIndustrial development was mainly restricted in the production of export of those goods with the natural advantage jute, tea etc. Social Darwinism is the very idea that a more powerful country conquer the smaller countries When the British tried to imperialize India, the colony and colonizer saw imperialism differently, both had positive and negative effects.

The imperialistic powers treated India as a place to extend their power. Overall, the colonization of India had nothing but a negative effect on its people and culture.

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British Imperialism in India Essay