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Whereas more recently there has been significant discussion about people as assets to be tended and nurtured, so they blossom and as a consequence are more self-motivated and productive. To critically review the theory of employee motivation as well as identify the significant issues which impact employee motivation in the educational sector focusing on Ramchandrapur High School.

How does motivation affect the performance of employees of Ramchandrapur High School?

the impact of motivation on workers performance

S, While the psychological needs of belonging and esteem, including the need to achieve, are met through being part of a team and achieving goals, it is only when these needs are satisfied that we move onto self-fulfilment and start achieving our full potential and becoming truly creative.

For this, motivation is the key factor to inspire the employees to meet the objectives.

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Further, this research will make clear in what manner motivation creates an impact on the performance of employees. They also want to be proud of what the organisation achieves; so individual and collective achievement are both important. A safe and non-threatening work environment is necessary to 1. As a consultant working in the sphere of employee engagement, I find this particularly encouraging. All facilities organizational 3. Chapter 1 — Introduction: The impact of motivation on the performance of employees of Ramchandrapur High School is included in this chapter. In Internet Survey it is very easy to get the different things will motivate each. Financial rewards drive the individuals, who wish to fulfil their necessities to maintain a decent life and motivate themselves towards higher performance especially in the business related to the educational sector. The synthesis of their research suggests that people are driven by four basic human needs, which are a product of our evolutionary heritage. It is important for people to be able to see the link between decisions and the organisational goals. Balfour, D. More practical theoretical approaches In his book The Enthusiastic Employee Dr David Sirota, an organisational researcher and consultant, concluded that the way to enthuse employees is to give them what they want. They also discovered that it is important to achieve on all four drivers — the whole is more than the sum of the parts, with a poor outcome on one substantially diminishing the effect of the other three. Conclusion hat In my most recent 7 26 15 6 Study shows that the employee motivation has direct performance impact on productivity and growth. Having a full understanding of what employees want to achieve as individuals, and showing them how to do it, is the main principle that if followed will help to build a strong, engaged and high performing team.

The study further reveals that level of motivation among the employee of the Ramchandrapur High School is low as com-pared to the expectation of employees.

Promotion organizational efficiency. Some managers hide behind ineffective systems, while others make the most of an imperfect model. Com-paring to highly motivated employees, less motivated employees are more arranged towards freedom and self-reliance along with more self-propelled impetus towards their job.

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For those that had to have a manager, they say they want them to act more as a coach than a boss. This may be seen as a very old-fashioned view, but there is evidence to support that this theory of human behaviour is still alive and well in many workplaces. At work this drive accounts for positive motivation when people feel proud of the organisation they work for, and can be extremely damaging for morale when individuals perceive a betrayal. Thus, the different aspects of impact on motivational cases along with employee performance situation Becker, S. To obtain the best result, the need for exceptionally talented and devoted manpower is felt. For this, the primary concern they require is the competent and skilled representatives. The same is the case with business. While the need for self-fulfilment may still be there, a job for life is no longer a realistic expectation or desire for many in the current environment of fast-changing services and organisations. Conclusion 5. Operative Employee 33 The process of motivation consists of three motivation. It is argued, for example, that millennials are intrinsically motivated and therefore not motivated by money. Motivation intends to encourage behavioural alteration. However, this muddle of thinking often leads to an entitled, low-output workforce and less consistency of approach. Probably not a startling conclusion, but he based his work on surveys from over four million workers around the world, as well as interviews, case studies and informal observations.

Knowledge of your job among work force with 29 respondents In one category people are generally thought to have little ambition and be inherently lazy — they are seen as individually motivated and happy to work for a sustainable income Theory X.

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Positive & Negative Effects of Employee Motivation