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The first system of understanding holds religion as the basis of environmental stewardship.

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Liberalism was the first major step in the weakening of our generational consciousness. Why Should we Obey the Sovereign? For a brief discussion of Thomistic thought on ensoulment, see Eberl 24— They seem to raise issues more fit for ethical deliberation than economic calculation. The same could happen when we learn how to genetically enhance our children. What is the nature of personhood and when does it end? In particular, humans can continue sentient life that enjoys its existence, adding further motivation to propagate life. Unfortunately, his picture of science, based on crudely mechanistic premises and developed through deductive demonstrations, is not even plausible in the physical sciences. This state of equality in creation transcends the concept of rights and cannot be constrained as a right belonging to a human being. Existential personhood views rights as possessions of the individual and not as properties which define the individual.

But we shall see that this would over-simplify the conclusions that Hobbes draws from his account of human nature. Peter Singer has endorsed a relational construction of human personhood.

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As Pope John XXIII taught: Any well-regulated and productive association of men in society demands the acceptance of one fundamental principle: that each individual man is truly a person. Acknowledgement of this in forms of government is a political recognition of one of the principles of the imago Dei. However, while there are good reasons for rejecting the claim that the values of non-human nature can be reduced to economic value, there are ample resources within the bounds of traditional Western ethics to call into question this assumption common in the environmental policy process. Other approaches raise questions about whether welfare is the only thing that is good in itself that should count in a moral sense; they claim collective entities such as species or ecosystems should count independently of the well-being of their members Callicott If that happens, and if rights are tied to a conception of human nature that is in turn rooted in a biological reality, then biotechnology threatens the very basis of human morality as we know it. Again, the assumptions about a liberal future seem to be more a matter of faith than science. Thomas found company with St.

Ethics and Human Nature Hobbes's moral thought is difficult to disentangle from his politics. In other words, sovereignty as Hobbes imagined it, and liberal political authority as we know it, can only function where people feel some additional motivation apart from pure self-interest.

It should be added that the one part of his system that Hobbes concedes not to be proven with certainty is just this question: who or what should constitute the sovereign power.

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Moreover, many of these people will be prepared to use violence to attain their ends - especially if there's no government or police to stop them. He witnesses the Amazons. This applies both in breadth of scope - caring for people Matthew 25 and environmental issues, e.

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Leviathan, xiv. Technological progress does not solve the hard old political problem of what degree of income redistribution is desirable, but it can greatly increase the size of the pie that is to be divided.

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Personhood: An Essential Characteristic of the Human Species