How to write a title page for a novel

Now format your first pages that way for the rest of your natural life. Also often included there are the ISBN and a " printer's key ", also known as the "number line", which indicates the print run to which the volume belongs.

childrens book title page

The rule is simple: use the colon when one sentence introduces the next. And if you doubt that, consider the doubled dash vs.

Nor the Chief Buyer at Walmart.

Title page of a book examples

Your title page should include: The name of the work. Epigraphs, dedications, acknowledgements and all that kind of stuff can be left for when your book makes it into print. Check out the images below for an example of what a correctly-formatted manuscript looks like. We all like to be right, and propriety is in the eye of the beholder. Quite a few publishing companies will include the copyright page on the backside of the title page as well. Use the example above for guidance — or, if in doubt, open any paperback book. Or, like our murmurers above, just assume that the welter of conflicting guidelines must indicate that Millicent is serious about only the elements common to most sets of rules. Like our murmurers above, they presume that as long as a manuscript is double-spaced and in point type, anything goes. The longer you remain in the business, the more those little things will strike you as just, well, matters of right and wrong. Use them! Making sure your writing is framed properly can have a similar effect. The title page is not numbered. Why is a Book Title Page Important? They can make especially long sentences much easier to parse and comprehend. If one happens to fall into such a category, one might well encounter an unusual leniency.

If one happens to fall into such a category, one might well encounter an unusual leniency. In the query, the answer is simple: reproduce the title in its entirety.

No one will see. To Millicent, who reads hundreds of pages per day, the differences between the last three examples could not be clearer.

Half title page

But word count, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder: a novelist whose title page reported, accurately, that her page novel was , words might well see it rejected out of hand on the grounds that it was too long. Getting an agent is hard. The golden rule is to deliver something that looks like any normal, professional document AND one that is laid out like a book, not a business letter. Use twelve point Times New Roman in black type only. Okay, so that last is a slight exaggeration. In the old days, when the industry still worked with paper, the manuscript was literally the stuff you printed off on your home printer. Your existing defaults are probably fine, but check. Clearly, she was so intent upon expressing herself via font that she neglected to consider the preferences of someone who might conceivably want to judge her writing. In books[ edit ] The title page is one of the most important parts of the " front matter " or "preliminaries" of a book, as the data on it and its verso together known as the "title leaf" are used to establish the "title proper and usually, though not necessarily, the statement of responsibility and the data relating to publication". Everybody clear on that — or, at any rate, as clear as the fuzzy pages will permit? Also, the page is numbered in the wrong place — the default setting, incidentally, in many word processing programs.
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Book Title Page & Half Title Page: What Are They?