How have four poems aroused emotions

Owen uses different poetic techniques including metaphors in the first stanza which convey warning.

poetry and emotion

If we think of moods and objectless emotions that way, it becomes hard to explain how such affective states may have conditions of correctness—formal objects being among other things descriptions of what the world must be like for the affective state to be fitting Teroni Broadly speaking, appraisal theories of emotions are accounts of the structure of the processes that extract significance from stimuli and differentiate emotions from one another.

Kocan reminds the reader that memory is much a function of the body as it is one of the mind. To generalize, the proposal is that an emotion E is a judgment that the formal object of E is instantiated by some particular object X.

In some variants of representationalism, the emotional phenomenology that gets to be reduced is merely somatic, in the sense that the feeling is directed at bodily events e.

As we visually perceive a pencil as bent while judging it to be straight, so we emotionally perceive a transparent platform over the Grand Canyon as dangerous while judging it to be non-dangerous.

Two enactivist themes in particular are relevant for emotion theory. They have faced death on a daily basis and the way in which some of these soldiers have responded is through verse. Dating back some years, written poetry is the most ancient record of human literature.

Ira brevis furor, said the Romans: anger is a brief bout of madness. Additionally, the video recordings for 11 participants In that sense at least, emotions can be assessed for rationality see section 10 for further discussion.

Although such theories differ on multiple dimensions, they can be usefully sorted into three broad traditions, which we call the Feeling Tradition, the Evaluative Tradition and the Motivational Tradition Scarantino Through reading these poems, it was made clear the dismay of war and the different emotions associated with dealing with death and anguish on a daily basis.

Poetry to express feelings

A prominent critique concerns their inability to account for emotional recalcitrance. For example, guilt is assumed to be caused by the appraisal of an event as goal relevant, goal-incongruent, involving a moral transgression, and one for which the self is to blame coping potential and future expectancy appraisals are left open. How could they be so important, critics like Dewey , asked, if they have no causal import with respect to actions? Tappolet lists additional features that help explain why so many authors have come to think of emotions as perceptions: a both emotions and perceptions have salient phenomenal properties, b both are elicited automatically by real or imagined objects, c both have correctness conditions because they represent the world as being a certain way, and d both play the epistemic role of providing defeasible reasons for belief e. The main source of evidence for basic affect programs arguably comes from cross-cultural studies on facial expressions that use a recognition technique first described by Darwin One question that has divided emotion theorists is: Which subset of the evaluative, physiological, phenomenological, expressive, behavioral, and mental components is essential to emotion? Once the formal object of an emotion has been clarified, we can use it to justify emotions by citing their conditions of elicitation. Nevertheless, it is more appropriate to slot the enactivist movement into the phenomenological side of the Motivational Tradition. Not every emotion has a target. The Motivational Tradition in Recent Philosophy 9. Here two main options are available.
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