Houthi movement in yemen essay

Hadi fled to Aden on February 21, declaring himself the legitimate president of Yemen.

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Women in Yemen face severe discrimination in law and practice. In Septemberthey seized Sanaa, and swiftly expanded their control south to Ibb province and west to al-Hudayda. However, the Arab League was later expanded to include twenty two member states.

In the tumult unleashed by the Houthi takeover of Sanaa and subsequent Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, fighters linked to al-Qaeda gained renewed operating space.

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Federal Division of the Republic of Yemen since This attack was a signal that the reach of Al-Qaida had extended beyond the borders of Afghanistan into the Arabian peninsula. Nevertheless, the group retains a presence in many areas of the country, including maintaining effective control over parts of Shabwa and Hadramawt provinces.

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Unlike his predecessor, Hadi, who took power in following Saleh's removal, originally took a less confrontational stance towards the Houthis, prompting the ire of Islamist parties, who accused him of closing his eyes to alleged Houthi crimes. Houthi leaders for their part rejected the accusation by saying that they had never rejected the president or the republican system but were only defending themselves against government attacks on their community.

The officials said at least 40 rebels had been killed in the fighting. Later clashes, in cities closer to the capital, pitted the Houthis against the Islah party and army brigades allied to it.

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Houthi Movement in Yemen Essay