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Handwriting, too, is an expressive and silent gesture. This will allow us to adapt our professional endeavor to our geographical, personal and professional reality, in response to the exercise that we make of this profession. Graduated in Criminology. Creative minds are more comfor- table with the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and gain advan- tage through their ability to easily appraise patteirn qualities. Subsequently, we will define and outline the neuro-writing report: the basic elements of analysis, drafting and, in summary, the steps to follow to conclude our work with a report that describes and summarizes in a reliable and consistent manner a particular subject. Unusual letter formations Pen pressure Slant — Left, right, slight or pronounced Baseline habits — Do the letters stay even on the baseline? Teaching staff and Authors Mg. Testimony of the handwriting expert is admissable in a court of law for pur- poses of establishing identification or validity of a particular docurlien t,. Transfer of learning to their current situation: students who exercise their activity in a professional environment, where the applicability is feasible, will be able to perform a job related with it.

The intent of the author is only to offer information. Few skills are natural and are carried from person to person based on genes in person lying dormant or activated. Graphopsychologist in Family and Professional Orientation.

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We will present the main schools and associations that currently exist worldwide. Presentation and analysis of real cases: methodology of work, procedures, application area or specialization, preparation of final report and explanation.

Co - is a repository of information created by your industry peers and experienced seniors. The outer behavior protects the vulnerable self within; the individual has succeeded in con- structing a protective shield against the pain of negative experience.

And like medicine, graphology is also an art of combining and synthesizing information that requires training and judgment in its application.

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Graphopsychology allows us, from this perspective, to apply the graphological technique toward a scientific interpretation, about the intellectual, volitional and social qualities of a subject. In this subject, graphic aspects and subaspects, reflex letters and type gestures will be studied. Famous trial cases have involved the services of a handwriting expert to help determine guilt or innocence of the defendant, just as such trials have involved psychologists and psyc hi3 t ris t s. Beyond the conscious information contained in the written words, the handwriting also divulges informa- tion about you and how you felt unconsciously as you wrote. Handwriting analysis is done by a graphologist and the accuracy is very close on characteristics. These examples could continue, but the point is that analyzing specific information helps us to understand ourselves. Most other skills are attained via learning mode based on individual capability.
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