Frankenstein and powerful thing

Which of us is immune to the fear that, like Victor Frankenstein, we may discover that our own work, our proudest creations, our offspring may turn against us—and that, with all the best intentions, we may wreak mayhem and havoc on those we love most, and least wish to hurt?

I, who irretrievably destroyed thee by destroying all thou lovedst.

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Before conquering her disapproval of the institution of marriage in order to marry Godwin, who shared her opinion of state-sanctioned wedlock, Mary Wollstonecraft borne an illegitimate daughter, Fanny, to an American entrepreneur and cad named Gilbert Imlay, whom she had met in Paris, where she had gone to observe, firsthand, the aftermath of the French Revolution.

Her children's story Maurice, written inwas rediscovered in and republished in Listen to my tale; when you have heard that, abandon or commiserate me, as you shall judge that I deserve.

Victor Frankenstein to ship's crew That is also my victim!

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Nonetheless, he and Mary fell passionately in love, and they eloped and—together with fifteen-year-old Jane—left London for the Continent. When I first sought it, it was the love of virtue, the feelings of happiness and affection with which my whole being overflowed, that I wished to be participated.

Mine has been a tale of horrors; I have reached their acme, and what I must now relate can but be tedious to you. Was it possible to reanimate a corpse?

why is frankenstein important today
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Frankenstein's monster