Explain why person centred values are more important and how they influence social care work

Never use a term of endearment, e.

four principles of person centred care

For older people, independence is about choice and control. The roles and responsibilities of the professions involved, the importance and difficulties of interprofessional collaboration and the effects of this on person centred care will also be explored.

Just like our own needs and desires change, so will those of the people we support. Three types of communication barriers are shown below.

Example of person centered care plan

Despite what they may have in common, every single person is an individual and should be treated like one. The individual should be considered an expert adviser in the management of their support plan — no-one knows or understands their particular needs, desires, likes, preferences, wishes etc. Functionalists believe strongly that each individual has an equal opportunity of success within their life, that the nuclear family is a vital concept as it provides the most suitable environment for children to be raised within and believe if an individual has ill health that it is there responsibility to work with health professionals to re-gain good health status. Procedures describe how each policy will be put into action within the organisation. Just like our own needs and desires change, so will those of the people we support. PWSC 36 6. They should be given enough information to make informed choices themselves and you must acknowledge the benefit of their choices. Person-centred is about providing care and support that is centred or focused on the individual and their needs. It is essential that you understand the mental capacity act and how to work within its requirements every day with every individual. They also value good housing in safe, friendly neighbourhoods; getting out and about and keeping busy; an adequate income, good information and good access to healthcare. Unit 7 7. All risks should be explained so that the person is in a position to make a judgment as to whether or not they wish to go ahead. We cannot stereo-type or tarnish everyone with the same brush even if they have the same religion, disability or alike in any other way. All of us have the right to make informed choices about all aspects of our lives.

There is a number of policies that have been put in place to promote the safety of individuals within different health and social care settings. Independence: Allow the individuals you support to do things for themselves, however small. Below I have compared just a few different types of approaches: Essential Lifestyle Planning.

Every individual has different needs, wishes, choices, likes and dislikes. Informed choice requires full information. The functionalist approach to health is identified through the relationship shared between an individual who is sick and the whole of society.

A wide range of perspectives is covered which can then be applied to many different health and social care settings. Being part of a community is particularly important for individuals who live on their own.

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Explain How and Why Person Centred Values Must Influence