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This notion of alternative possibility, this admission that any one of several things may come to pass is, after all, only a roundabout name for chance. He was a founder of the American Society for Psychical Researchas well as a champion of alternative approaches to healing.

One faction sees individuals as seen in Dickens ' A Tale of Two Cities and Thomas Carlyle 's The French Revolution, A History as the motive power of history, and the broader society as the page on which they write their acts. Originally published in [PP].

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James rejects both belief in the world of the scientist and the "invisible world" invoked by our religious demands as somehow ultimate. A Pluralistic Universe.

Since his family was part of the middle class and financially unstable at the time, Shakespeare was not able to attend college If meaningful freedom seems evasive or unrealistic, most of us still have a choice about what to see and what to look past.

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If I am on an isolated mountain trail, faced with an icy ledge to cross, and do not know whether I can make it, I may be forced to consider the question whether I can or should believe that I can cross the ledge. Science appears to present to us a world of meaningless actions and reactions with no purpose; and the theory of evolution in particular represents Nature as a war of all struggling against all to survive. James believed that each person has a soul, which exists in a spiritual universe, and leads a person to perform the behaviors they do in the physical world. Riding in the mountains of North Carolina he comes upon a devastated landscape, with no trees, scars in the earth, here and there a patch of corn growing in the sunlight. Matthiessen, F. Humans like James love to seek. When they die, a part of our very selves is gone. A Pluralistic Universe. He entered Harvard Medical School in and graduated with a doctor of medicine MD after six years. It all depends on the liver. At any rate, I will assume for the present—until next year—that it is no illusion.
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