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I remember your face as it was when I saw you. Almost immediately, the song established itself at the top of the Hit Parade and could be heard throughout America.

In a short essay, Guthrie once tried to lay out the questions that his work meant to answer in his songs. I know. Karl Marx wrote it, and Lincoln said it, and Lenin did it. It told about his life story, and presented many of his famous works of art.

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However, if we only look at Guthries words, his lyrics, without the benefit of their music, do we lose too much? Guthrie and Sinclair present different situations because of the time period in which each work was written but the similarities between the characters, conditions and consequences of living in the United States are significant.

The impetus behind this drive is obvious; he actually experienced both. In response, thousands of people wrote him, many of them expressing support for his reflections on the Great Depression and sympathy for those down and out. Using any one of them, he could play hundreds of folksongs and other tunes that he encountered in his far-flung travels throughout America.

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