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Before learning about Florence Nightingale, we learned of a woman called Martha Ballard and her role in Midwifery. The quality of a good nurse is they should be caring, sensitive, kind and respectful towards their patient, and I believe I possess all these qualities that have contributed to me in my successful career of nursing For one, nurses need to work together and protect each other.

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This was very helpful for me because I got the assignment help in the range of my pocket. These concepts directly influence how a nurse will perform care to a patient and the type of nursing practice that will be demonstrated by that nurse Nancy, Australia First time I got noticed by the teachers in the class of students that too in a good way.

As a result, I worked as a high school teacher till my husband and I came to the U.

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What you do on the job and the hours you put in can make you a great trauma nurse. As such, nurses are required to learn cases and design plans to face the morals issues for ethical decision-making. It was more common for a nurse to be supervised directly under the physician Nurses are one of the most vulnerable professional groups to occupational stress, as they often encounter stressful situations due to the special demands of their profession. The reason nursing inspires me because I want to help people Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession. The author is centred on two essential concepts one being health promotion, and the other quality care. The recognition well deserved that we as nurses find in our patients is all because those many wonderful nurses that came before us and showed to the world how important is the job we do and how critical is taking our word in consideration when in taking care for our patients In the 21st century, the scientific discoveries, technological advances and increasing demands from the society have influenced the need for continuing education for professionals. Nursing is one of the professions which posses caring, dedicated, passionate and painstaking qualities due to this I have been inspired by this profession and prepare myself to be part of this profession. Examples of technology include, computers, iPads, iPhones, and iPods and others. A Good Nurse A nurse is required to be compassionate.

Nurses care for the patients and their loved ones, being there to hold their hands during the scariest fight of their life when every second matters. There is currently a nursing shortage and very few nurses graduating from their nursing schools and practicing. This can affect their relationships at home and as well as at work.

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