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Maculay expressed the complacency of the English middle class over the new prosperity and growing political power Gibson 2 The Victorian Age was also an era of several unsettling social developments.

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Women and men stayed in unhappy marriages for numerous reasons. John on the other hand, announced to Gwendolen, for courtship reasons that his poor brother Earnest, died of a chill in Paris Keach Not only was the fact that women were viewed as second-class citizens and had limited rights compared to men during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries a major problem, but women were also held to a much In-fact it was seen as the American way.

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Previously custody had been, without exception, awarded to the father. The children of the upper classes were often educated at home by private tutors, and therefore it was assumed the public schools would be a place for members of the lower classes.

A Suitable Suitor To be considered an appropriate suitor to a lower middle class woman, a man of similar station must address and fulfill several conditions John Stuart Mills wrote On Subjection of Women, extending his area of individual freedom and self reliance of his opinion of how women were treated The teachers were much stricter The Victorian School Day 1the punishments much harsher Victorian Schools 1and the classes consisted of mostly copying and reciting Nick P.

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The performance world was one of the few ways of public entertainment during this time period. Women were considered as outcasts and the law did not look out for their welfare

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Victorians were struggling with religious, philosophical, and social ramifications The novels of Charles Dickens, the poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning, the dramatic plays of Oscar Wilde, the scientific discoveries of the Darwins, and the religious revolt of Newman all They were similar and different in writing styles. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Social conventions symbolically are portrayed as preventing her from expressing her love emphasising the negative effect that society has on an individual Women and men stayed in unhappy marriages for numerous reasons. Like Elizabethan England, Victorian England saw great expansion of wealth, power, and culture. The Romantic Period was from until , it brought a more brave, individual, and imaginative approach to both literature and life. With his resignation, the Oxford Movement came to an end.
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