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The difference in the treatment of people has been a problem since there has been a gathering of people into societies. These political science based theories do not appear, at first, to have anything in common with J.

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Rousseau in fact does not specify what the General Will must contain, leaving it open to the legislator to decide. It is not true therefore that in all areas of social life the General Will eliminates the human tendency to distinguish themselves from each other, as demonstrated also by the previous example of personal property.

To specify, the resources are the media, television, images, magazines or websites. In the Discourse on Inequality Rousseau identifies that individuals developed a need to distinguish themselves from others in an unequal manner by the very act of living together.

Rousseau is trying to determine the prodigious events, such as the acquisition of knowledge and errors, the mutations that took place in the constitution of the body, and the constant impact of the passions that eventually led to the separation of man between the state of nature and society All his actions in the natural state are initiated and driven by this self-love, and it is for his own sake that he seeks to avoid conflicts with other humans or animals.

A time before humans became civilized and everything was peaceful.

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Humans in the state of nature are motivated by self-preservation much like animals and also pity. Your time is important. Here, then, we have the answer to Rousseau's initial question. Moreover smaller societies within larger political society still continue to have their own political interests. As societies for these wants become needs, until eventually people feel the need to distinguish themselves, especially in the case of the rich and the poor. In his utopian and highly idealized vision of Geneva, he notes how the laws and institutions there are just and stable, how its inhabitants live in mutual harmony and continue with the community spirit, and how the State of Geneva maintains a friendly and peaceful relationship with its neighboring countries by neither threatening them nor being threatened by them. These common interests are not a harmony of all personal interests, but certain goals that people agree to work together to reach.

Both try to explain the evils and inequalities of society, and to a certain degree to discuss whether man in his natural state is better than man in society. With the development of political institutions and artificial inequality, man sheds primitive morality and gains the desire to consult the faculty of reason.

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Natural inequality stems from differences in age, health, or other physical characteristics.

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A Discourse on Inequality Essay