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From then onwards International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June every year.

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Alternatively, you may not be a very good academic writer. Gandhiji fought against this unjust and cruel treatment.

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This made him an eminent historian and a great political leader later in life, though he finished his studies with a degree in law. You probably have dozens of academic papers to write each semester. Conclude the essay logically. You can find many political essay examples online to help you out with this difficult task.

Because of this fact, a person that shows this stands out in a crowd.

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He loves his mother so much and always go and bow down his mother. He wrote his famous letters to his daughter India Gandhi from jail. Gandhiji completed his law in England and came back to India in Sometimes, that particular leader may also be a favorite figure in history. But still, political power is peculiar either to ancient or modern times. Yes, some students — especially political science pupils — are into politics. Do we guess right? He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand and Heeraben Modi. Integrity in a leader is so important because we, the people, sometimes choose to be led by our gut feeling. In fact, to believe that a politician you back is a good person is almost morbidly optimistic as history tells us quite explicitly: percentage of decent human beings in politics, irrespectively of a nation, epoch, and system of government is infinitesimally negligible, with the chance of one getting into a position of true power being even less probable. Modi travelled India for around two years and visited various religious centres. Followers look for this trait when accepting a new figure as their leader. Know why? You can talk about love affairs and misconduct, of course.

Yes, you should! Write a thesis statement. He sat an example that anyone can do anything only it require a strong will power. Reality is, of course, different.

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He became a great freedom fighter and had to spend the prime of his life in jail.

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