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The following are either known or suspected factors: artificial ionizing radiation viruses, such as the human T-lymphotropic virus HTLV-1 and HIV benzene and some petrochemicals alkylating chemotherapy agents used in previous cancers hair dyes smoking Genetic predisposition: Some people appear to have a higher risk of developing leukemia because of a fault in one or several genes.

One is that certain cells in the body become abnormal. Lab technicians then strengthen the cells and put them back into the body. The human cardiovascular system consists of heart, blood and blood vessels.

Lower back pain, pain in urination and blood in urine are some of the symptoms of bladder cancer. The Challenge to Man of the Neoplastic Cell.

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This type usually forms inside the bone marrow or tissues that are a part of the blood cells and is referred to as blood cancer. While most prostate cancers grow slowly some might grow at a relatively rapid speed.

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A bone marrow is the material that fills the center of most bones which is where blood cells are made. According to statics leukemia accounts for almost 1 in 3 cancers in children. Factors such as extreme heat, chemical exposures, or severe recurrent friction were considered as initiators. At its basics, The National Library of Medicine describes leukemia as cancer of the blood and bone marrow, and while far more adults have leukemia than children, it is the most common type of pediatric cancer. There are several types of leukemia that can be classified depending on the type of white blood cell that is being multiplied abnormally and at the rate of which the cell is de veloping. Clin Microbiol Infect ;— Cancer risk: role of environment—response. A Bacterial Etiology of Cancer In , the possible direct relationship of a bacterium to gastric cancer was raised when John Robin Warren born , an Australian pathologist, was intrigued by his identification of bacteria on the surface mucus layer of a single gastric biopsy specimen. Disclosures The authors indicated no financial relationships. Yamagiwa studied in Berlin at the Virchow Institute in the s, where, 40 years earlier, Rudolf Virchow — had established his Reiztheorie irritation theory as a precursor to cancer, published in Clinical Characteristics of Leukemia a.
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A Bacterial Cause of Cancer: An Historical Essay