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Travel companies are quickly catching on, with Thomas Cook looking to remove 70 million pieces of single-use plastics within the next 12 months. We encourage you to create a menu with your chef that hightlights the qualities of the typical dishes of your region, with the goal of attracting diverse customer segments.

The mind concentrates on creating and stops multitasking for a while.

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Do not generalise. Increased taste for the local things, especially the food Many tourists last year declared that their favorite places to travel are those that provide them with personal enrichment or personal development.

Is that possible?

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The mind concentrates on creating and stops multitasking for a while. Sustainable and healthy accommodations Travelers are increasingly aware of their ecological impact and seek to minimize it as much as possible, so a trend will be to stay in places that share these same values. Offer your services through the mobile channel. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. But do not worry, 5G is programmed to burst into hostels from And as travel grows, travelers needs and preferences are constantly evolving and changing as well. You can work in this area in many ways. Where People Travelled in The good old destinations like France and Italy were rock-solid on top positions, but surprisingly, there were new entrees to the list of most visited countries. As AI and automation transform society and become ever more pervasive, we need to consider the potential benefits and pitfalls, so we can proactively address the latter. Now we look for complete experiences. The backlash against social media continues to emerge with users calling for more transparency, but does this spell the end of the influencer?

If you want them as your main target, try to incorporate tecnhology to your rooms. The second one, however, will prefer another set of recommendations such as local restaurants or fairs.

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Fashion brands are created to give consumers the option of customizing shoes, purses, etc. Some experts talk about augmented reality: users will be able to visualize themselves in a room instead of just seeing photos. DIY Do It Yourself : a trend is consolidating in the direction of making the customer directly manage processes themselves, from the online booking of a customized pack to the check-in and check-out at the hotel or the purchase of different products within. Paradox Travel — Millennials want everything now, but at the same time want slow immersive travel. These are the six travel trends I peg for Traveling only to disconnect is no longer fashionable. People want authentic, challenging and participatory experiences where trusting strangers in strange lands is an operating feature, like in the around the world travel adventure The Global Scavenger Hunt. Technology that has previously seemed out of reach will continue to become more accessible in Moreover, it improves the memory, the imagination and increases the capacity for introspection. Longer trips were planned with more care compared to the shorter ones, as evidenced by the much higher number of revisions made to itineraries of longer durations. They eschew junk travel experiences that remind them of fast food—filling, but with no lasting memories—yet follow the social media crowds to the latest it happening travel destinations. If the latter is not possible, at least draw up a list of the best restaurants in your area where they can enjoy traditional cuisine. Travelers prefer to feel locals rather than tourists, so they appreciate initiatives that involve them in the day-to-day life and culture of the destination. Nonetheless our strategy points in the direction of considering this sector even more relevant to us. Social media, particularly Instagram, has played a key role in the rise of overtourism, so it comes as little surprise that we are starting to see the emergence of anti-Instagram and even anti-tourism campaigns.

Analyzing latest travel trends — What are the predictions for global tourism in ? Asian destinations like Leh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands might also garner a lot of tourist interest. Travelers prefer to feel locals rather than tourists, so they appreciate initiatives that involve them in the day-to-day life and culture of the destination.

Everything seems to point in the direction that this trend will continue and even increase in the near future.

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