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As is a double spring shuang chun year in the Lunar calendar, the Chinese believe this is an auspicious year to get married. WONG Yip-wing started the business as a humble tuck shop in the late s with only three staff, selling only modest candies and loaning comic books to the youngsters.

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Another advantage of personal selling is that salespeople can shape the information presented to fit the needs of the customer. Convenience goods can be further divided into staple, impulse, and emergency goods. The Company is well known in Hong Kong and overseas for its signature products, e. The most popular ones are those made of sweet lotus paste baked with either one, two, three or even four salted egg yolks. Noise is anything that interferes with the communication process. Place utility occurs when a firm provides satisfaction by locating products where they can be easily acquired by consumers. The goal of promotional pricing is to increase short-term sales.

The bakery hopes to remind women to share their happiness and announce their wedding by giving its bridal cakes to their friends and relatives, a custom that most Chinese still practice today.

How manufacturers store, handle, and move products to customers at the right time and at the right place is referred to as physical distribution.

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Next is the second level, or actual product, that is built around the core product. To coincide with this period, Kee Wah has rolled out a campaign to build awareness of its new look for its bridal cake product range. In addition, the Bakery also offers a variety of Chinese favorites and delicacies, including traditional Chinese egg-rolls and pineapple paste cakes. Raw materials are goods sold in their original form before being processed for use in other products. As a time honored tradition, the Bridal Cakes are sent together with other auspicious goods by the family of the groom-to-be as engagement gifts. Wong and his dedicated staff started the business of making traditional Chinese pastry. Breads, Western cakes and biscuits have been on the markets since early days. For a promotion to be effective, organizations should blend all four promotion tools together in order to achieve the promotional mix. Place utility occurs when a firm provides satisfaction by locating products where they can be easily acquired by consumers. A product is any combination of goods and services offered to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. The founder, Mr. In , due to an increase in the number of immigrants and the request of our patronized Chinese communities in the United States, the Company decided to take a step further in marketing and opened up its first subsidiary in Southern California located in Monterey Park, Los Angeles known as Kee Wah Corporation aka Kee Wah Bakery. The tins are optional; you receive them when you buy a set of cakes.

Examples of durable goods include automobiles, furniture, and houses. The purpose of advertising is to inform or persuade a targeted audience to purchase a product or service, visit a location, or adopt an idea.

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Examples of industrial goods include accessory equipment, component parts, installations, operating supplies, raw materials, and services. The Company celebrated its 50th anniversary in with the opening of its industrial building in Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon. Kee Wah is a traditional family operated company with modern management style that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries while at the same time adheres to the philosophy of high quality and hygiene standard demanded by modern day customers. Nonuniform goods are those goods that differ in both quality and price. Rather, consumers buy the benefit that trucks offer, like being able to get around in deep snow in the winter. Competitive advertising seeks to develop demand for a specific product or service. Manufacturers of computers, videocassette recorders, and other technical items with high development costs frequently use a price-skimming strategy. As supports continually provided by our loyal customers, in and , San Gabriel and Rowland Heights branches were opened respectively to further serve the Los Angeles Metro Area communities. Public relations is the third promotional tool. With prestige pricing, products are priced high and consumers purchase them as status symbols. The MM can be adjusted on a frequent basis to meet the changing needs of the target group and the other dynamics of the M. Through research and development of new products, improvement in quality control, modernisation of business operation and management systems, Kee Wah Bakery has strengthened its position as a trendy and stylish patisserie that enjoys worldwide fame. Geographical pricing is based on the location of the customers. It was once a time for families to relax and enjoy finally the fruits of their summer labor.

The last promotional tool is personal selling. Unexpectedly, Mr. The purpose of institutional advertising is to promote the image or philosophy of a company. The purpose of product advertising is to secure the purchase of the product by consumers. Discriminatory pricing occurs when companies sell products or services at two or more prices.

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Specialty goods are products with distinctive characteristics or brand identification for which consumers expend exceptional buying effort. Banner ads are also placed in ESD Life wedding channels with a mini-site that will be launched later in the month.

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