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An oligopoly, the auto industry is highly dependent on strategic decision making, and the demand for dynamic innovation and supply at decreased-cost levels. Enter European Market through License 3. High gas prices ruined the industry and crippled our economy Contingency Plan: As a contingency, if sales are not what expected in the European market CAH will allow companies to offer licensing Exhibit 3 for its hoist is one in which the strategy will offer the right to a trademark, patent, trade secret, or other similarly valued items if intellectual property in return for a royalty or a fee.

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The European market seems a favorable decision but the company lacks any experience selling in this market. In addition, Camar would be able to take advantage of investment incentives from foreign governments. The most negative factor of this alternative is that Camar will bear all the losses incurred, if the expansion fails.

Distribution of language families and isolates nor Disadvantages: Camar faces possible economic and political instability in a foreign environment. Sales promotions, such as case discount allowances 20 percent off the regular case priceare offered to stimulate demand. Camar, the founder and current president of Camar Auto Hoist.

A major downside of this alternative is. With the upcoming Presidential election, there is a very real possibility of big political changes, as well as, some major changes to international trade policies facing the American Automotive Companies By working closely with wholesalers, becoming educated about all markets, and out-performing competitors Mr.

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Camar Automotive Hoist