Buzzwords and labels

Usually, cage-free just means the chickens are enclosed in a barn with no access to the outdoors.

health food buzzwords

Hormone-Free The significance of this term varies for different types of meat, Rizzo says. There has been raised concerns for health and environmental risk from GMO foods that have the public questioning its efforts.

While fats are getting the most attention right now, the FDA is also reevaluating its standards for added sugars in foods labeled healthy.

All you need to know is this: Natural does not necessarily mean healthy. Certain terminology is often pasted and used to advertise the sustainability and health benefits of food, but can leave us confused when standing in the middle of Whole Foods. In which, people are making a better way of life, move out of this labeled area, and the area becomes more and more isolated with the underclass.

If you feel more comfortable eating food that eats real food then purchasing grass-fed products would be a good choice.

Sugar-Free This means the food contains less than 0.

healthy lifestyle buzzwords

After all, consuming grass and herbs does sound a lot better than a diet solely based on corn and soy.

It provides little insight into the healthfulness of a food item.

culinary buzzwords

Some ingredients found in nature can be manufactured artificially.

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Food Label Buzzwords: What you need to know to make an informed decision