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Admissions committees need something beyond a GPA or test scores to differentiate applicants and determine who is a good fit for the program and who is not. When admissions officers read them they should be able to imagine you, and just you. You are likely to see a version of one or more of these common MBA essay questions on your b-school application.

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Stick to your chosen subject because your MBA essay should be concise, logical, focused, or direct from its start to finish. There's more to b-school than the library.

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I can communicate effectively with all members of a group and help connect them with one another to make a larger picture. She was asked to do this in approximately words, using concise language and proper grammar and punctuation. She has been advising MBA applicants since Your MBA essay should be focused and feature you as the central player. What matters to you most and why? Although the team was excited to accept the offer, I was concerned that we were not prepared to complete the project so quickly. Continue Reading. Describe a situation in which you led a team. Fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia are typically easy to read, but some of the letters so have funny tails and embellishments that are unnecessary. For example, if you would be the first person in your family to receive a post-graduate degree and that would bring you great pride and fulfillment, or if you think it would demonstrate to your children that anything is achievable with dedication and hard work, that is certainly a personal detail you would want to include. Describe your work in concrete or specific examples.

It is also important to pay attention to word counts. I stayed with a friend on the north side of town as I tried to find a job in a shrinking economic suburb. Business schools want leaders, not applicants content with following the herd. But only if it has affected your outlook or experiences.

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It can help you get a better understanding of its culture, mission, approach, or programs to reflect them in your MBA essay. She explained that they had tried to find another publishing company without success. Our business school is a diverse environment. Describe your work in concrete or specific examples. Admissions committees are understandably insulted when they see another school's name or forms. You should answer with a genuine mistake that the committee will recognize as authentic. Stephen Sweeney, Director of Full-time MBA Recruiting and Admissions at McCombs School of Business US , says: We are also evaluating the level of research a particular applicant has conducted on our program and whether or not they understand how they are going to optimize their time in our program. Common topic suggestions Although topics vary from one business school to another, there are common questions or suggestions that most of them have: Your reasons to attend your chosen business schools; Your long-term or short-term career goals; What you want to do with your degree or how it can help you achieve goals; Your weaknesses or strengths; Major accomplishments, challenges, or failures; Your response to adversity; Your leadership potential. Be sure to speak to how this particular program will help you realize your potential. Pinterest 0 Your graduate school application essay is your best chance to make a great impression on admissions officers and to distinguish yourself from other candidates. But now, after finding in me the strength to persevere, I am able to take what I learned from my previous job and pair it with what I learn from the university. For example, if the business school requested a DOC, that is what you should send. The entire paper should be free of errors. Ask friends and relatives with diverse experiences and opinions to critique it, and be open to their suggestions. How to choose your topic?

From ABC Business School, I seek the tools and resources needed to further engage in my marketing knowledge, perform professional strategic analyses, and re-evaluate my past work experiences.

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7 Common MBA Essay Questions and How to Tackle Them