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What provoked the Licinian law about the five hundred iugera except the uncontrolled desire of joining field to field? Ako ay ako dahil sa aking pamilya. We work with you to gather the right information to emphasise the relevant and advantageous aspects of your skills, experience and qualifications in relation to the requirements of your industry or the particular position you are applying for.

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It has If you have read James Wilde's Hereward series you will love it. As you may remember from reading Cicero at AS-level, Cicero, for one, likes to introduce some variety into his tricola, for instance by putting the last colon in chiastic order to the preceding two or using a tricolon crescens, where the cola increase in length.

The sequence peccantur — demeremur — offendimus is climactic: we begin with an impersonal passive, move on to the 1st person plural of a deponent demeremurand end up with offendimus, which is active in form and meaning.

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