An ecological model of the trinity

An ecological model of the trinity

It is divine love that enfolds all creatures and enables them to be. The social ecological model looks at multiple levels of influence on specific health behaviors. A planet in peril - the oikos alternative: Southern African Missiological Society conference, January On January the Southern African Missiological Society held one of a series of conferences related to Edinburgh themes. Holy Trinity, Perfect Community. In this understanding, any kind of oppression is contrary to communion, because communion itself is an integral part of human nature. Interventions that use the social ecological model as a framework include mass media campaigns, social marketing, and skills development. Although the theology of the Trinity remains a central doctrine of faith, the average person remains unaware of any real impact of the Trinity upon their lives.

This means to choose the option for the poor, to stand up for the victims of the climate change and to help them enforce their rights. In the Incarnation, God takes part in the pain and sorrow, joy and love present in our lives.

Furthermore, within and between each system are bi-directional influences. Ormerod, Neil. First he aims to explain in a systematic way the everyday piety of Catholic people there.

Rahner, Karl. The spirituality of the Christian is defined, nourished and empowered by Jesus Christ. The full, revised theory deals with the interaction among processes, person, context and time, and is labeled the Process—Person—Context—Time model PPCT.

Modern Trinitarian scholarship reaches beyond simple debates between immanent or economic models and addresses a relational theology that implies ethical behavioral praxis for the Christian community.

Now with such a valuable recipe she could sell her soup and become rich and famous throughout the countryside!


Fails to see that the variables of social life are in constant interplay and that small variables can change a system. The place of human beings in the history of this evolving universe, as it has been charted by modern sciences, can only be seen in its complete reality in the light of faith, as a personal history of the engagement of the triune God with creaturely persons art.

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Ecological perspectives in mission