An analysis of my last duchess a poem by robert browning

Instead, when she transgresses his sense of entitlement, he gives commands and she is dead.

my last duchess theme

This poem is set in and is based on the real-life Duke Alfonso II who ruled Ferrara, Italy in the latter half of the 16th century. His plays have been performed throughout the U. The Duke begins reminiscing about the portrait sessions, then about the Duchess herself.

my last duchess literary devices

Step 1 Welcome the beautiful girl into your secret meeting place. An obsessive Duke shows a visitor, and readers, a painting of his last wife. He feels that communication with his own wife is beneath his class.

my last duchess analysis line by line

A historical article titled "Sexuality and Modernity" explains that "The Victorian bourgeois may have covered their piano legs out of modesty.

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SparkNotes: Robert Browning’s Poetry: “My Last Duchess”