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This article does not cite any sources. Once operationalized, you have a concrete representation of a sociological concept.

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Concepts can remain abstract or can be operationalized. Hosted by Uzo, Jessica and Junior, Abstract Culture is a cheerful yet controversial discussion on a wide range of topics ranging from pop culture to the college life.

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abstract sculpture

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October Learn how and when to remove this template message Sociological Abstraction refers to the varying levels at which theoretical concepts can be understood. In addition to the basic levels of sociological abstraction, sociological concepts are often understood at multiple levels as a result of sociological theorizing.

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Operationalizing a sociological concept takes it to the concrete level by defining how one is going to measure it. Wrapped up through the lens of our melanin. This idea is very similar to the philosophical understanding of abstraction.

Sociological theories postulate relationships between sociological concepts.

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