A report compares the development of tourism industry in kerala

Import factors vary from 3 to 10 percent of total tourist receipts in Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. In Jamaica, the tourism contribution to GDP was The lack of reliable statistical data hampers identification of the mechanisms by which tourism generates growth, as well as its potential for development.

Inabout 53 percent of total North American berths were allocated to the Caribbean. However, this proportion varies from country to country. The Conventional Tourism Industry in the Caribbean For many Caribbean islands, tourism has become the most important economic activity, especially as the major earner of foreign exchange.

With only a few exceptions, the terms of trade for developing countries, i. Typical to the Adi Dravida folk dances and songs, the movements and formations of dancers clad in white thorthu and banyan choreographed in Kuthiyottam are quick, peaks at a particular point and ends abruptly.

In this respect, the tourism sector can play an important role as a driving force of economic development. Recently, the tourism department has also engaged in advertising via mobiles, by setting up a WAP portal, and distributing wallpapers and ringtones related to Kerala through it. During the night, the image of Devi will be carried in procession to the effigies stationed in the paddy fields.

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About Kerala: Information on Tourism Industry, Agriculture, Economy & Geography